December 03, 2010

The perfect afternoon

Meet some of our family's dear friends! Lora and I have been talking about photographing her family for over a year now, and even though a heavy fog threatened to delay our plans, it lifted in time to enjoy a wonderful afternoon together. It is killing me not to post a super fun one - but there is a good chance it will be their Christmas card, I think, so I will just have to refrain myself and be satisfied with posting these instead... enjoy!

Mark is building an actual roller coaster on some of their property by their house with his two youngest boys? What a memory he is creating!!!
this is a family with loads of personality ... and I love every moment!


  1. Looking good Brewsters! I think you should start a family band. :) You are music video ready. :)

  2. love love love!! I love these pictures as much as I LOVE LORA!

  3. What a great-looking family! LOVE these pictures!! (Not as much as I love the family, however!!) :o) Mom/Grams

  4. Awesome pics of a wonderful...gorgeous family! Looks like you had fun!
    (I didn't have any of the accounts below, so had to enter my URL...hmmm. Just in case you're thinking..."Why did Vicki add her Cookie Lee site?" Lol!

  5. Okay Lora.........your family gets the most photogenic award! And I absolutely love every single picture! Amazing! Reggie looks like the proud owner of the crew!!!
    Love it! Love it! Love it!