August 09, 2011

{Spokane Senior} Avery

One thing that I enjoyed about this photo session was that each place we went signified an important part of Avery's high school career. We hiked the mountain his wrestling coach makes the guys run (let me tell you, it was STEEP) for the outdoor pictures, and endured a sauna (seriously, it was that hot in there!) to capture some pictures in the weight room. And while this is a guy serious about his athletics, he was equally joking with his family and smiling for pictures - a great combo for a great senior session. Enjoy!

{Spokane Senior} Amanda

You may not believe it by these pictures, but not ten minutes into our photo shoot, and Amanda was stung (and I mean the little bugger stayed stuck STUNG) by a bee... she was such a trooper. A few minutes and some ice, and she had her game face on and decided to enjoy her session and make the most of the gorgeous light we had. Looking at how they turned out, I hope she agrees it was worth it! Enjoy these, Amanda...goodness knows you earned it!

{Spokane Senior} Kendra

One of the reasons that I enjoy taking senior pictures so much are all of the individuals that I meet. Something about senior pictures seems to bring that innate desire to express oneself to the forefront, and Kendra was no exception. Whether it was a floral scarf against the sandy beach or wading through muddy waters, a wide brimmed hat or dusty boots, she was a delight to capture and I hope these pictures catch at least a glimpse of the beautiful girl that she is, inside and out. Enjoy...