November 21, 2009

Four Little P's and How They Grew

I loved each and every image from this photo shoot- no joke. I felt like it truly reflected the chaotic beauty of life with four little kids, each with their own personality, yet their interaction left no doubt to their similarities, either. It is evident that Dad and Mom are doing a wonderful job enjoying this adventure through childhood just as much as the kiddos and for lack of knowing which images to pick, I am simply going to start at the beginning and randomly click on 10-12. Should be interesting to see what pops up! Enjoy!

November 19, 2009

Twirling, Swirling, Happy Girls

I have always been so grateful that I grew up surrounded by a large extended family on both sides- my summers were filled with "camp-outs" and swimming with my cousins, and every winter we would torture our relatives with some thematic Christmas show...from re-enactments of the first Christmas to a 'Christmas Cooking with Jazzy J'show. They are a huge part of my memories growing up. A rich part. So I was thrilled when I was able to take some pictures of these cousins having fun together on a cool fall day in November. What a momento for them to cherish in years to come... I think their parents will be happy with the results!
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November 09, 2009

The Perfect Gift

Contact me and let's customize the perfect package for your parents, grandparents, new parents or newly expecting! Give them a gift to treasure for years to come!

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November 07, 2009

These are Days

I met Donna earlier this year when I took her daughter Kerri's senior pictures ( So I was thrilled when she called and told me she had another photo shoot in mind- this time a black and white session with her and her two daughters. A mother-daughter shoot in black and white - I could not wait for the day! But the light was such a perfect golden hue the day of the pictures, I couldn't resist setting my camera to snap a couple in color as well. I think the result was a nice blend. Donna, Kerri, Jamie...enjoy!