August 30, 2010

Room at the Table

"Food is not about impressing people. It's about making them feel comfortable."
Ina Garten, 'The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook'

On several occasions now, I have had the privilege of being present to watch something miraculous unfold. People, many having never met each other until this particular night, whichever night it may be, show up in singles or pairs, and timidly enter the quiet scene. Libations are poured, introductions are made, dinner is served...and soon the entire space is a proverbial hum of human interaction...laughter, surprise, emotion, delight. Big Table is a non-profit founded by local food writer Kevin Finch to provide a place of appreciation and respite for those in the food and service industry. It is also a place where those who attend get the opportunity to meet the needs of others who also serve in this industry - whether it be something as 'small' as a little pampering manicure for a hard working single mom, as 'practical' as providing furniture for a family new to the area, as thoughtful as flowers for a person going through significant personal trials or as magnanimous as helping with some medical expenses. Big Table is truly a gift that keeps giving, and I would encourage you to check out Kevin's blog or FB page to find out more!

Senior Sessions

Meet Jamie. It is rare that I meet a 17 year old so comfortable with herself. Kind, calm, and content to just be. Amazing. I feel pretty confidant that she is going to do just fine when she spreads her wings this spring. Here is a sneak peek at our photo session... enjoy!

August 09, 2010

For the Beauty of the Earth

Spokane has many great summertime attributes, but even closer to home than the teeming lakes and rugged mountainsides are the local farmer's markets. I was thrilled when asked to photograph the Liberty Lake Farmer's Market. An abundance of brilliantly colored, nutrient rich vegetables, fresh pastries, oven baked pizzas and handmade wares ... people sitting, visiting, leisurely strolling from booth to booth and running into dear friends - may I suggest, before the summer slips away from you, it is well worth a Saturday morning visit! You won't be disappointed. These are a few of many - too many to pick a favorite so here are just a sample...enjoy!