January 11, 2010

Wrapping up 2009 (no pun intended!)

Shame on me- it appears I took all of December off from blogging! We enjoyed a busy, energetic month filled with family, friends, and contemplation & celebration. Just what December is for. Now it is on to 2010! I am really excited about some upcoming photography shoots I have scheduled, as well as some planned expansions for the studio (did I say studio...why, yes, I did!) throughout 2010...it is already shaping up to be a great year & I feel blessed! Still, I would be sad not to post at least a few pictures from some of the fun photos I was able to squeeze in despite being on 'vacation' in the month of December...you know, some people are just so great it is hard to say no! Enjoy!!!

First up, the Piper Family. Back in October I had the chance to photograph sweet Ashlynn so I was thrilled when they came back for more, this time with the entire family in tow! While we had been hoping for some snow to fall, we had to settle for temps in the single digits- and still these kids were smiling- can you believe it?

By the way, this year Emily started a fabulous new etsy business called Tiny Belles Boutique that has really taken off! If you know any little princesses, you should really check her out! Stillpoint Photography is thrilled to be her official photographer & I look forward to some joint packages and promotions to share throughout the year!!!

Next up are two ladies dear to my heart...this is not the first time I have photographed them, and I am confidant it will not be the last, either. Did you ever see a sweeter mother-daughter pair? So when they asked for a photo shoot in time for Christmas, how could I not oblige?

And finally, I was happy to be able to capture Miss Avary's first Christmas for her mom, dad and big brother Logan. The last time I took pictures, Miss Avary was still chilling in her Mommy's tummy but now she has arrived and what a gift she is!