October 07, 2010

On the Road to Jaffrey

Seven years ago, I photographed my first wedding. It was a fabulous New Year's celebration in Jaffrey, NH. And this beautiful bride was my able assistant, holding the light meter, posing while I tested my flash units, calming my jitters and making me laugh. Thankfully, those pictures turned out and my journey into the world of wedding photography began. Now here I am in Jaffrey again, this time to celebrate with Adam and Lauren as they start out their new life together. It was a joy to be at the wedding ... and I cannot wait for the many more celebrations that will come in the future. All the best, you two! (and incidentally, the pastor who married them? None other than Ryan, the groom from that first wedding oh so long ago! Talk about full circle!!!)
A fun idea that is all the rage now are "photo booths". A few props and a little silliness are all that is required for a unique and beautiful guest book!No, this is not me. But it is the wonderful person who put together the photo booth for Adam and Lauren. What a great gift!Ryan and Jess, seven years after I took their wedding pictures just down the road from here!


  1. love the one second from the bottom!

  2. You're amazing, Angela! Gorgeous, gorgeous job.