September 07, 2010

What Really Matters

When one of my dear friends found out she was expecting her third child, I looked forward to the prospect of what I knew would be a beautiful maternity session. Traditionally, these sessions are a wonderful time to focus on the upcoming arrival of the sweet new one and all of the little details surrounding their soon to be appearance. However, Emily wanted pictures that took the opportunity to celebrate the family that would soon be welcoming little Stella into their midst. What a delight. And if these pictures are any indication, Stella is going to be surrounded by a lot of laughter and love. Enjoy!


  1. Amazing, as always, Angela! Even Ash said "WOW!!" a few different times! (sigh...) guess its back to Hobby Lobby for more frames... ;-)

  2. Gorgeous! What a beautiful, loving family. And the photos compliment this so well. I'm time I'm knocked up we're coming to you for some maternity photos. Now give me a couple of years. =)

  3. Beautiful pictures as always... It is so fun to see your sneak peaks, especially when I know your subject...