September 02, 2010


Senior pictures are always enjoyable for me, but it is a special treat when I actually know the person I am photographing. Scott's parents are dear friends of ours, so I was excited when they called up to schedule an appointment with me. There is nothing to put one at ease more quickly than the presence of good friends, so this photo shoot felt easy, breezy and well, fun! Sometimes I still have to pinch myself to believe that my job is to interact with and enjoy people as I capture a small piece of their story! So, Scott & fam, thanks for letting me capture a small piece of yours...enjoy!


  1. What a handsome guy! All the pics look great, but my favorite 2 are the top one and the black & white in the polo shirt. So good looking, Scott!!

  2. This auntie can't decide which picture is the best. After all these years I didn't know you were so photogenic Scott. Great pictures, handsome nephew, talented where did time go? Ahhhhh Aunt Wendy