October 12, 2009

Perfect Number Seven

I first met Jill when I was still working an 8-5 job and photography was something that I did in my 'free' time, on the side. We clicked almost immediately, and while we both eventually moved on to other places (mine obviously being photography) we have kept in touch and maintained a kindred friendship throughout the years. I was so excited to be the one to take her wedding pictures when she met & married a wonderful man a couple of years ago, and the privilege continued when I met up with them this past weekend to capture family pictures for their home. This family rocks! Thank you Jill and Toby, for letting me share in your lives, and for choosing me to capture a small sliver of it. You guys are awesome!
warming up from the frigid temperatures outside before grabbing some more awesome photos!
Family tree takes on a whole new meaning!


  1. I have visions of something similar with us but in a bit of snow...?