October 10, 2009

A Little Woodland Fairy

Part of my job description as photographer is searching for Fairy Dust. It is true. Plain and simple. And my sidekick for the day came incognito as a sweet little purple woodland sprite herself, so I felt certain today would be the day we would finally catch one! But it was not to be. We did, however, spot 2 deer, several squirrels and many little sparkles that we are certain were left behind by the good fairy people to tease us. Oh yes, and we managed to capture a few fun shots while we were at it...enjoy!

credits for 'blowing leaves' image: Nicole Perry, 'Fall Alphabet' @ Scrapbook-bytes.com
Leora Sanford 'gratitude' @ Little Dreamer Designs.com


  1. ohhh my heart! Weve got to do some of Gracie soon too...youre killin my, Man. Killin me!!

    Wait til her grandparents see these...LOL

  2. Priceless - pink sneakers with purple fairy wings - Ang you do a wonderful job capturing moments. Mom