August 17, 2009

Two Too Cute Tutus and a Sprinkle of Fairy Dust

I have been intending to start this blog for a very long time, and finally decided there was (truly) no better time to start than with this particular photo shoot. I first met Maegan when she bid on a photo package that I had donated to a local fundraiser. Maegan is amazingly fun and creative - and after our photo shoot with her and her little girl, she introduced me to the world of blogging and digital scrapbooking. Three years later, and I again had the privilege of photographing Maegan with her two darlings, Zoe and Eden. What a way to spend my morning...roaming around a beautiful garden and looking for sprinkles of fairy dust- and thank you, Zoe for the splendid idea. From now on, I am keeping sparkly glitter in my camera bag for just such an occasion - who knows, maybe we will bump into one along the way! Enjoy...

1 comment:

  1. I cannot WAIT to brainstorm some ideas with you! You have an AMAZING eye Angela!!! And I look forward to a budding friendship too :-)