August 09, 2010

For the Beauty of the Earth

Spokane has many great summertime attributes, but even closer to home than the teeming lakes and rugged mountainsides are the local farmer's markets. I was thrilled when asked to photograph the Liberty Lake Farmer's Market. An abundance of brilliantly colored, nutrient rich vegetables, fresh pastries, oven baked pizzas and handmade wares ... people sitting, visiting, leisurely strolling from booth to booth and running into dear friends - may I suggest, before the summer slips away from you, it is well worth a Saturday morning visit! You won't be disappointed. These are a few of many - too many to pick a favorite so here are just a sample...enjoy!


  1. What a wonderful farmer's market! We have one right down the street that I love going to on Saturday mornings but I am usually outnumbered by my family. LOL!

  2. Elaine and I walked through Seattle's Pike Place Market on Sunday to get munchies before watching the Mariners win. It was crowded with an incredible variety of people and produce!

  3. So lovely!! I just emailed you on facebook and then I went to your info page and clicked on this blog. I knew about your Paper Posies blog, which I'm 'following', but you haven't updated that one in a while and I didn't know you had another. Anyway, I had just written (or more posted pictures of) my farmers market tonight :)

    We'll have to go to mine when you come visit!!