June 22, 2010

Where there is Rain...

I went to college on the east coast - Massachusetts, to be specific. And the most common comment that I would hear regarding Washington was "oh, doesn't it rain a lot there". Usually, I would smile and explain that it rains a lot in Western Washington, but I was from Eastern Washington. However, after the month(s?) we have been having, I think I would just have to say yes, yes it does! Meet my friend Kelly - we have been so excited for her upcoming photo shoot to promote her wonderful business, Gardenstone, since first being introduced to each other two months ago. But it just keeps raining. Which is fabulous for many things, but not for the particular photo shoot we have planned. However, enough is enough. One day, instead of canceling (which we did reschedule the "real" shoot- look for it up and coming in a few weeks!!!) we decided...where there is rain...jump in the puddles! So much fun! Kelly even managed to rope her son and daughter-in-law into our little defiant photo shoot! People who can enjoy what life hands them add so much to this world...in evidence of this, here is a sneak peek...enjoy!

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